As one of the only boutique shops specializing in hand crafted vegan deodorants and raw skin care, our expert team selects unique and authentic oils, butters and clays from all across the country and the wider region to bring you fine quality skin care products you can't help but love! Created by Holistic Nutritionist Salisha Peters

"My team went to work to create stellar organic products made by hand by committed team members who are lovers of holistic nutrition and organic agriculture! We launched our first product in 2015 with great success because it works! No expensive packaging, no deceiving ads or questionable ingredients. Just pure, simple products made with organic ingredients. So pure they're almost edible!"


As a holistic nutritionist I saw the dire need for a clean, eco-friendly and most important an ORGANIC deodorant cream that actually does what it promises! Leave those flashy packaging and jars where they belong! Its time to make the switch. Put your money where your mouth is!

We know there are many companies out there claiming to be "natural", however can they honestly say they offer the best possible products without compromising its effectiveness and quality? As a person living a non toxic lifestyle I ensure you have the same with every product we create. Before you buy from the more 'popular' well known brands, keep in mind their ingredients, product quality, and their customer service, not just the pretty packaging and colourful bottles and jars! Companies like that want you to buy with your eyes rather than your brain and heart. 

I believe the products we use on our bodies should be as pure and nourishing as the food we eat." My selection of products are made with only natural, simple ingredients. Including natural skin care and organic beauty products to complement a healthy lifestyle from head to toe. Natural soaps, organic body butters, pure organic shea butter, organic body lotion, baby oils, magnesium oil sprays, and natural aluminum free deodorants. 
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We strictly only use ethically sourced organic ingredients to create our SP line of vegan safe deodorants and skincare products with a flare for beautifully scented essential oils. My small, committed team work tirelessly to create each product in small, specially made batches so you can have fresh, organic, vegan deodorants and skin care products you can trust and truly believe in. I stand behind our guarantee that all of our fresh, organic, vegan products will meet your standards.

We’re so committed to making sure we can meet all of your needs that we have a 100% money-back guarantee. We want to be your trusted source for cruelty free, natural deodorants and one of a kind scented products.